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Headshot photo of Alderman William Hall

Alderman Hall's Story

Alderman William Hall, a native of the 6th Ward, lives by a foundation of values instilled in him since his childhood. His commitment lies in serving the needs of all, no matter who they are and where they come from. 


From an early age, Alderman Hall witnessed firsthand the principles of public service through the dedicated efforts of his parents. His father, a CPS teacher, contributed to the community both in the classroom and beyond, while his mother served as an Administrative Coordinator. The invaluable lessons instilled by his parents emphasized the importance of selflessly giving back to others through a commitment to public service.


Growing up in the 6th Ward, Alderman Hall absorbed the essence of "it takes a village" through the support of family, friends, and neighbors. Early memories include impactful lessons from mentors who shared stories with him while emphasizing his potential as a future leader. Guided by these influential figures and drawing inspiration from parents and guardians, Alderman Hall cultivated the values and knowledge that helped shape his path.


Alderman Hall graduated from DePaul University with a degree in Economics and McCormick Theological Seminary with a Master’s of Divinity.


Over the last nine years, Alderman Hall served as the Senior Pastor at St. James Community Church, a position he currently maintains, located a few blocks from his childhood home. Alongside his pastoral duties, he globally represented the Rainbow/PUSH Coalition as the Field Director under the guidance of Rev. Jesse Jackson. Before taking office as the 6th Ward Alderman, he served as the Director of Faith and Community Partnerships at UCAN Chicago, a prominent child welfare advocacy group.


Alderman Hall has traveled the world as a community leader, business strategist, and organizer, but his true passion has always been drawn to serving his community. His top priorities are working together to love the community, building a brighter future, and serving the needs of each resident. As Alderman of the 6th Ward, Hall is ready to continue his legacy of service to the residents of the 6th Ward.

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